cyber-dojo tips

  • Repeat your practice. Repetition frees up mental capacity creating space for improvement.
    Don't be too concerned about finishing; think about improving.
  • cyber-dojo is designed to encourage team practice and works well with two (or more) people at each computer, periodically rotating the current keyboard drivers to different computers as navigators.
  • After each practice use the dashboard to start a review. Look for evidence of...
  • Practice refactoring.
  • Allow at most N amber traffic-lights (total or in-a-row)...
    • per animal
    • per cyber-dojo
    • repeat with reduced value of N
  • Turn on traffic-light colour prediction. Allow at most N incorrect predictions...
    • per animal
    • per cyber-dojo
    • repeat with reduced value of N
  • Set social challenges...
    • Change keyboard drivers before starting each new practice
    • Change keyboard drivers during a practice
    • Change pairs before starting each new practice
    • Change pairs during a practice
  • Set technical challenges...
    • no loops
    • no conditionals
    • no division or modulus
    • immutable data structures only
    • no mouse
    • no data structures
    • maximum 5 lines per method
    • maximum 2 levels of indentation
    • the possibilities are endless!
  • When everyone is at green set a challenge to either...
    • find some code you can delete and the tests still all pass
    • find a bug, and write a failing test for it
  • Create a custom starting point...
    • with all the tests, but none of the code
    • with all the code, but none of the tests
    • with a specific fault - which pair can fix it first?
  • Play the average-time-to-green-game.

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