the cyber-dojo dashboard

You can get to the dashboard page from the home page:
  • enter your cyber-dojo id, e.g.,
  • click the button.


Each horizontal row corresponds to one animal and displays, from left to right:

auto refresh

  • when checked the dashboard auto-refreshes every ten seconds.
  • turn auto-refresh on during the coding.
  • turn auto-refresh off during the review.

minute columns

  • when unchecked the traffic-lights of different animals are not vertically time-aligned.
  • when checked each vertical column corresponds to one minute and contains all the traffic-lights created by all the animals in that one minute.
  • if no animals press their button during one minute the column will contain no traffic-lights at all (instead it will contain a single dot and be very thin).


  • displays how much time has passed since the cyber-dojo started.
  • the start time is not the time the cyber-dojo was created, but the time the first animal presses their button (this allows you to prepare custom starting point cyber-dojos ahead of time).
  • updates every ten seconds if auto-refresh is checked.

If available this displays slightly more information about the most recent non-amber traffic-light of each animal, usually the number of passing and failing tests.

Downloads a .tar.gz file of the cyber-dojo.
Each animal has its own git repository.

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