the cyber-dojo history view

The history view shows the code for any traffic-light for any animal.
For example, this is the kangaroo's 96th traffic light.

Click on any traffic-light to navigate directly to it.
The current traffic-light is marked with an underbar.

moves to the previous traffic-light.
the current traffic-light number (in its colour).
moves to the next traffic-light.

  • the current filename (click it to auto-scroll its next diff-chunk into view)
  • the number of lines deleted (click to hide/view toggle)
  • the number of lines added (click to hide/view toggle)
  • the file's diff
    deleted lines are in red
    added lines are in green

downloads the currently displayed traffic light's files together with a manifest.json file ready to use these files as a custom starting point.
forks a brand new cyber-dojo, with its own id. The new cyber-dojo's starting files will be copied from the currently displayed traffic light.
reverts the current files to the files in the currently displayed traffic light.

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