cyber-dojo traffic lights

Press and stdout+stderr+status are displayed in the output tab, and you get a new traffic-light.
Each traffic-light is coloured:
  • red if the tests ran but one or more failed.
  • amber if the tests did not run, eg syntax error.
  • green if the tests ran and all passed.
  • if the tests did not complete in ~10 seconds.

If test-prediction is enabled (click the cog/gear icon to open the settings dialog), traffic-lights look like this:
  • correct prediction (of green).
  • incorrect prediction (of red or amber).
  • auto-revert (back to green).

Click any traffic-light to open the history page showing:
  • diffs for any traffic-light's files, for any animal.
  • a button to checkout (git checkout) the files from any traffic light.
  • a button to fork a new exercise from any traffic light's files.

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