the cyber-dojo Foundation

The cyber-dojo Foundation was incorporated as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) on the 7th August 2015.
It's charity number is SC045890. It's stated charitable objective is
To advance the education of the public in general on the subject of software development.
It's registered trustees are:
  • Jon Jagger. Director of Software at Kosli based in England.
  • Mike Long. Co-founder and CEO at Kosli based in Norway.
  • Olve Maudal. Magician at Equinor based in Norway.
  • Seb Rose. Associate at based in Scotland.

The cyber-dojo Foundation issues licences for commercial use of the public cyber-dojo server at
If you need a licence please email


  1. Not sure where to post this; all occurrences of "Javascript" (lowercase 's') should be replaced with "JavaScript" (uppercase 'S').

  2. HI, any chance of supporting Google's Dart language?

    1. There are some instructions for starting to add a new language here
      If you encounter any problems feel free to contact me.
      You'll need to pick a test-framework too of course.
      I'm sorry I can't do it myself - I have much less spare time now I work full time for Merkely.

  3. It looks like cyber-dojo always times out (tested with C++). The error thrown is "Unable to complete the tests in 15 seconds." even if I try to run an empty project.