How to access old practice sessions

There's been a major change in the way cyber-dojo stores its practice sessions.
It used to store them in a docker data-container.
It now saves them directly to a volume-mounted host directory.
To access to your practice sessions you need to do a one-time port...

SSH into your server and curl the porting script:
curl -O chmod 700

Pull the latest docker images for the required services:
docker pull cyberdojo/storer docker pull cyberdojo/saver docker pull cyberdojo/porter docker pull cyberdojo/mapper

Bring down your cyber-dojo server:
./cyber-dojo down

Run the script, read what it says, and follow its instructions carefully.
You will be asked to run a couple of one-time-only mkdir and chown commands.
You do not need to create any new users.
Please be patient, the script takes several seconds to initialize.

Once your final [--all] command has completed, update your server:
./cyber-dojo update

Finally, bring your server back up:
./cyber-dojo up ...

directory details...

After this update all practice-sessions will be available directly on the host server under the /cyber-dojo dir:
  • /cyber-dojo/groups/ holds the group practice sessions by ID.
    For example, a group practice session with an ID of 5yv7JT will live at /cyber-dojo/groups/5y/v7/JT/
  • /cyber-dojo/katas/ holds the individual practice sessions by ID.
    For example, an individual practice session with an ID of 3e9H2W will live at /cyber-dojo/katas/3e/9H/2W/
  • The /cyber-dojo dir is volume-mounted into the saver service (uid=19663, gid=65533).
Porting also creates a /porter dir on the host server:
  • For example, if an old session with an ID of 733E9E16FC (10 characters long) is ported to a new ID of 5yv7JT (6 characters long) then /porter/mapped-ids/73/3E9E16FC will be a file containing the 6 characters 5yv7JT.
  • This mapping is used to provide access to old practice sessions using both their old and their new IDs.
  • Access to practice sessions via their old (10 character) IDs is deprecated.
  • The /porter dir is volume-mounted into the mapper service (uid=19664, gid=65533).
  • The /porter/raised-ids/ dir contains information on practice sessions that raised an exception when their port was attempted.