interviewing and cyber-dojo

Why not ask potential interview candidates to do an exercise in cyber-dojo? Candidates simply email you their cyber-dojo URL (which contains their id) when they're finished. From this you can look not only at their final solution, but also at their tests, and how they got there. We know several companies already doing this. They report that it's best to be clear and up-front about what you want. That it's not uncommon for candidates to work on a solution outside of cyber-dojo and then paste in their final code (and maybe the test code!). This gives you no clue as to how they got there. Ask them not to do this.

Another useful idea is to provide concrete feedback to the candidate and ask them to try again.
Then look at their second submission to see if/how they adopted the feedback.

If your team sometimes pair-programs, why not mirror the pairing in your recruitment process?
Instead of interviewing 5 candidates sequentially, see how five candiates fare technically (and socially) in a 10 person cyber-dojo, pairing each candidate with a developer from the team they're hoping to join. Do several iterations swapping partners each time. Note that if your team never pair-programs it is incongruent to pair in the interview.
Teamwork characteristics ... cannot be determined if you interview ... one at a time.
W. Edwards Deming

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