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  1. i have wrote many code in cyber-dojo, and now the url is not found, such as :
    and ...

    how can i get this back ? it's very important to me.
    expect your reply.
    Thanks very much

    1. Hi,
      From the home page...
      1. Click the [I'm on my own button]
      2. Click the [rejoin one of my sessions] button
      3. Type in the first six characters of your ID, eg 8B5E4E
      4. Either select your animal, or (if there was only one) click the [OK] button
      5. Note your new 6-char ID in the browser's address bar.
      Thanks for using cyber-dojo :-)

  2. After introducing people to these in several mob session the "predict?" and "theme" toggles were both very much appreciated.

    The predict toggle helps make the point that you should always have a clear picture of what you -think- is going to happen. Thank you for this.

    The "theme" (dark or light) is helpful in reading line numbers under differing lighting conditions.

  3. OK, when did you sneak these in .. they are -wonderful-, but so far as I can tell, not documented anywhere. I'm referring to the JetBrains mimic of IDE UI features (like ...
    Alt + mouse: Select a column or rectangle of text.
    Ctrl + right/left: Seek beginning / end of next word. Hold Shift to select while seeking.
    Typing, cut/paste, and seeks apply from current positions.
    ... are all hugely appreciated

    1. These come from the CodeMirror library which does the colour-syntax.
      I've added a link in the dialog box.