adding a new language and unit-test-framework to cyber-dojo

This page is for an old version of cyber-dojo.
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  2. First of all, thank you for making this relatively easy!
    Second I have finally gotten cucumber-cpp to build [relatively easily!] in docker using your latest C++ (g++ 4.9) as the base - so thank you for that.

    For the required files in the manifest, is it possible to set up folder structures or do all files need to be in the same folder. For example, I would like the step defs for a cucumber-cpp instance to live in their own file (along with the wire configuration).

  3. It will definitely work with all the files in the same folder. And you can have as many files as you like.
    I haven't tried it with a folder structure - if it works with that it is just fortuitious!

  4. This seems a little out-of-date but I could not find a newer post about this.

    The languages are under "app" (./app/languages). Also "/var/www/cyber-dojo/test/languages" (in section "CHECK THE LANGUAGE'S MANIFEST.JSON FILE") should be read as "./test/languages".

    However the script to verify the manifest crashed on me with "`require': cannot load such file -- simplecov (LoadError)"

    1. Step 4 should be "cd app/docker/web"

      And for me "./cyber-dojo up" just gave two lang/test combos not including mine. Perhaps the failing manifest check is some indication. Hints?

    2. Hi Thomas, it is a little out of date. Apologies. I've corrected the paths. I will look at the simplecov error as soon as I can. Meanwhile let me try to help you as best I can. When you do a [docker images] is your new image listed? If so what is it called? Probably quickest if you email me directly rather than replying here... jon AT jaggersoft DOT com