creating your own server start-points

cyber-dojo's architecture has customisable start-points.

preparing your start-point

  • Simply create a manifest.json file for each individual start-point.
    $ mkdir -p douglas/one douglas/two $ touch douglas/one/manifest.json douglas/two/manifest.json
  • Edit each manifest.json files
    Here's an explanation of the manifest.json format.
    Here's an example.
  • Create a git repository in the top level directory.
    $ cd douglas $ git init $ git add . $ git commit -m "first commit"

creating your start-point

Use the cyber-dojo script to create a new start-point naming the URL of the git repo (in this case ${PWD}). For example
$ cd douglas $ cyber-dojo start-point create adams/my_custom --custom ${PWD}
which attempts to create a custom start-point image called adams/my_custom from all the files in the douglas directory. If the creation fails the cyber-dojo script will print diagnostics.

starting your server with your start-point

eg with a custom start-point called adams/my_custom
$ cyber-dojo up --custom=adams/my_custom

eg with a languages start-point named adams/my_languages
$ cyber-dojo up --languages=adams/my_languages

eg with an exercises start-point named adams/my_exercises
$ cyber-dojo up --exercises=adams/my_languages

eg with a combination
$ cyber-dojo up --languages=adams/my_languages --exercises=adams/my_exercises

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