cyber-dojo web server default  start-points


  • The languages start-point page holds the choices where you select your language (eg C#) and test-framework (eg NUnit).
  • The default languages start-point page is called languages.
  • languages is created from the languages_list file which contains a list of repo-URLs in the cyber-dojo-languages github organization, each of which contain a manifest.json file.


  • The exercises start-point page holds the choices where you select your exercise (eg Fizz Buzz).
  • The default exercises start-point page is called exercises
  • exercises is created from the start-points-exercises github repo which contains instructions text files.


  • The custom start-point page holds the choices displayed when you switch to custom choices.
  • The default custom start-point is called custom
  • custom is created from the start-points-custom github repo which contains manifest.json files.

creating a new default start-point

To use a different default start-point simply bring down the server, delete the one you wish to replace, create a new one with that name, and bring the server back up. For example, to create a new languages start-point:
$ ./cyber-dojo down $ ./cyber-dojo start-point rm languages $ ./cyber-dojo start-point create languages --dir=... $ ./cyber-dojo up

$ ./cyber-dojo start-point ...

Start-points are controlled using the start-point command of the cyber-dojo script.
$ ./cyber-dojo start-point Use: cyber-dojo start-point [COMMAND] Manage cyber-dojo start-points Commands: create Creates a new start-point rm Removes a start-point ls Lists the names of all start-points inspect Displays details of a start-point pull Pulls all the images named inside a start-point Run 'cyber-dojo start-point COMMAND --help' for more information on a command

For example:
$ ./cyber-dojo start-point ls NAME TYPE SRC custom custom exercises exercises languages languages

For example:
$ ./cyber-dojo start-point inspect languages MAJOR_NAME MINOR_NAME IMAGE_NAME PULLED? Asm assert cyberdojofoundation/nasm_assert no BCPL all_tests_passed cyberdojofoundation/bcpl_all_tests_passed no Bash bash_unit cyberdojofoundation/bash_unit yes ... C (clang) Cgreen cyberdojofoundation/clang_cgreen no ... C (gcc) Cgreen cyberdojofoundation/gcc_cgreen no ... C# Moq cyberdojofoundation/csharp_moq yes ... C++ (clang++) Cgreen cyberdojofoundation/clangpp_cgreen no ... C++ (g++) Boost.Test cyberdojofoundation/gpp_boosttest no ... Clojure Midje cyberdojofoundation/clojure_midje no ... CoffeeScript jasmine cyberdojofoundation/coffeescript_jasmine no D unittest cyberdojofoundation/d_unittest no Erlang eunit cyberdojofoundation/erlang_eunit no F# NUnit cyberdojofoundation/fsharp_nunit no Fortran FUnit cyberdojofoundation/fortran_funit no Go testing cyberdojofoundation/go_testing no Groovy JUnit cyberdojofoundation/groovy_junit no ... Haskell hunit cyberdojofoundation/haskell_hunit no Java Cucumber cyberdojofoundation/java_cucumber no ... Javascript Mocha+chai+sinon cyberdojofoundation/javascript-node_mocha_chai_sinon no ... PHP PHPUnit cyberdojofoundation/php_phpunit no Perl Test::Simple cyberdojofoundation/perl_test_simple no Python py.test cyberdojofoundation/python_pytest no Python unittest cyberdojofoundation/python_unittest yes R RUnit cyberdojofoundation/r_runit no Ruby Cucumber cyberdojofoundation/ruby_cucumber no ... Rust test cyberdojofoundation/rust_test no Scala scalatest cyberdojofoundation/scala_scalatest no Swift XCTest cyberdojofoundation/swift_xctest yes VHDL assert cyberdojofoundation/vhdl_assert no VisualBasic NUnit cyberdojofoundation/visual-basic_nunit no

$ ./cyber-dojo start-point create Use: cyber-dojo start-point create NAME --git=URL Use: cyber-dojo start-point create NAME --dir=PATH Creates a start-point named NAME from a git clone of URL Creates a start-point named NAME from a copy of PATH

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