running your own cyber-dojo server on Windows

Note that these instructions are for running Docker-Toolbox for Windows.
Running Docker natively on Windows is not supported.
This is because cyber-dojo requires a case-sensitive file system.
These instructions are provided for individuals wishing to run cyber-dojo locally on their personal Windows laptop.
If you want to run a server for a group of people, please use a Linux machine.

install Docker-Toolbox for Windows

From here.

open a Docker-Quickstart-Terminal

get your cyber-dojo server's IP address

In the Docker-Quickstart-Terminal, type:
$ docker-machine ip default
It will print something like

ssh into your cyber-dojo server

In the Docker-Quickstart-Terminal, type:
$ docker-machine ssh default

setup directory permissions

cyber-dojo saves the practice sessions to /cyber-dojo
You need to set the correct permissions for this directory.
The user-id for the saver service is 19663, and its group-id is 65533.
In a terminal, type:
docker@default:~$ sudo mkdir /cyber-dojo docker@default:~$ sudo chown 19663:65533 /cyber-dojo

install the cyber-dojo script

In your cyber-dojo server, type:
docker@default:~$ curl -O docker@default:~$ chmod +x cyber-dojo

Now use this cyber-dojo script, from your cyber-dojo server, to run your own cyber-dojo server.

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