running your own cyber-dojo server on Linux

install docker

If docker is not already installed, install it. There are two ways to do this:
  1. follow the instructions on the docker website.
  2. curl OR wget the quick-and-easy install script at
    $ curl -sSL | sh $ wget -qO- | sh

add your user to the docker group

Eg, something like
$ sudo usermod -aG docker YOUR_USERNAME

log out and log in again

You need to do this for the previous usermod to take effect.

setup directory permissions

cyber-dojo saves the practice sessions to /cyber-dojo
You need to set the correct permissions for this directory.
The user-id for the saver service is 19663, and its group-id is 65533.
In a terminal, type (you may need to prefix these with sudo):
$ sudo mkdir /cyber-dojo $ sudo chown 19663:65533 /cyber-dojo

install the cyber-dojo shell script

In a terminal, type:
$ curl -O $ chmod 700 cyber-dojo
Now use this cyber-dojo script to run your own cyber-dojo server.

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  1. Jon, It is amazing how easy you have made the creation of a cyber-dojo server! Thank you, James