running your own cyber-dojo server

set up your server and install the cyber-dojo script

  • On Linux
  • On a Mac (use Docker-Toolbox to create a Linux+docker Virtual Machine and shell into it)
  • On Windows (use Docker-Toolbox to create a Linux+docker Virtual Machine and shell into it)

bring up your cyber-dojo server

In a terminal, type:
$ ./cyber-dojo up
The first time you run this it will download the necessary docker images for your server.
Now put your cyber-dojo server's IP address into your browser.
That's it!

pre-pull an individual language+testFramework image

The first time you setup a practice-session for a given language and test-framework (eg C#, NUnit) the server will pull its docker image. This can take a few minutes depending on your network connection and the size of the image. You can pre-pull images to avoid this delay.
To display all the language+testFramework image names, in a terminal, type:
$ ./cyber-dojo start-point inspect languages
For example:
MAJOR_NAME MINOR_NAME IMAGE_NAME PULLED? Asm assert cyberdojofoundation/nasm_assert no BCPL all_tests_passed cyberdojofoundation/bcpl_all_tests_passed no Bash bash_unit cyberdojofoundation/bash_unit no Bash shunit2 cyberdojofoundation/bash_shunit2 no C (clang) Cgreen cyberdojofoundation/clang_cgreen no C (clang) assert cyberdojofoundation/clang_assert no C (gcc) Cgreen cyberdojofoundation/gcc_cgreen no C (gcc) CppUTest cyberdojofoundation/gcc_cpputest no C (gcc) Unity cyberdojofoundation/gcc_unity no C (gcc) assert cyberdojofoundation/gcc_assert no C# Moq cyberdojofoundation/csharp_moq no C# NUnit cyberdojofoundation/csharp_nunit no C# SpecFlow cyberdojofoundation/csharp_specflow no C++ (clang++) Cgreen cyberdojofoundation/clangpp_cgreen no C++ (clang++) GoogleMock cyberdojofoundation/clangpp_googlemock no C++ (clang++) GoogleTest cyberdojofoundation/clangpp_googletest no ...
Then pull your chosen image name. For example, in a terminal, type:
$ docker pull cyberdojofoundation/csharp_nunit

pre-pull all the language+testFramework images

This will take a while. In a terminal, type:
$ ./cyber-dojo start-point pull languages

update your cyber-dojo server

In a terminal, type:
$ curl -O $ chmod +x $ ./

bring down your cyber-dojo server

In a terminal, type:
$ ./cyber-dojo down

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