the cyber-dojo test view

  • click it to run your tests
  • the 'file' opens and displays the result
  • a new right-most traffic-light appears

Click any traffic-light to open the history view
red - the tests ran but one or more failed.
amber - the tests did not run, eg syntax error.
green - the tests ran and all passed.
the tests did not complete in 15 seconds. Accidentally coded an infinite loop? Too many concurrent cyber-dojos? Lost your network connection?
the total number of traffic-lights (in the most recent traffic light's colour).
a pie-chart indicating the number of red, amber and green traffic-lights so far.
your animal. Click this to open a dashboard view.

  • click to create a new file
  • click to rename the current file
  • click to delete the current file
  • click a filename to open it in the editor
  • the file is read-only


  • Alt-T runs the tests
  • Alt-O toggles to-from the file
  • Alt-J cycles forwards through the 'top' files (above )
  • Alt-K cycles backwards through the 'top' files (above )

search and replace

Start searching == Ctrl-F / Cmd-F
Find next == Ctrl-G / Cmd-G
Find previous == Shift-Ctrl-G / Shift-Cmd-G
Replace == Shift-Ctrl-F / Cmd-Option-F
Replace all == Shift-Ctrl-R / Shift-Cmd-Option-F
Jump to line == Alt-G

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