cyber-dojo infrastructure makeover is getting an infrastructure makeover. We are switching from K8S to AWS. It will start Wednesday 31st August at 10:00 AM London time.

We've had to postpone the switchover.
It will now start Wednesday 7th September at 10:00 AM London time.
The switch over has three parts:
  • First, we will switch the DNS so points to the new AWS environments. At this point, all existing katas (each with their own 6 digit ID) will not be reachable. Creation of new katas will still work.
  • Second, we will make a copy of all the data from the old K8S volume-mounts. This may take a while to complete as we copy 50GB+ of data bit by bit.
  • Third, we will copy this data into the new AWS volume. At this point all katas will be available again.
The basic advice is simple.
  • Don't create a kata before the switchover time and expect it to work as you cross the switchover time.
  • Start and complete a kata either before or after the switchover time.

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